Access Control

Ultimate Communications, Inc. can help you attain more control over individuals that might enter your facilities and how long individuals are there. In the past, access control signified the power to stop individuals from accessing or leaving your facility. As many things are technology guided, access control falls into that category and can be a combination of computer-based systems, smart cards, biometric devices and video, all structured together. If access control devices are arranged in new ways it can protect your people, valuables, and sensitive business data from new risks. Did you know that access controls can even be used in pharmaceuticals and bio-technologies? In those instances access controls can be utilized as an audit trail, authenticating who accessed what areas and when, avoiding contamination.


  • Prevent unauthorized entry to your facilities
  • Employee entry to sensitive zones can be controlled and monitored
  • Conduct centralized isolation in the occurrence of a security threat
  • Card-based and biometric access control for individuals who work for you, merchants and guests
  • In the situation of a workplace occurrence or required compliance audit data can be retrieved for review